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Latest Updated Version 1.00 (02/08/15 First Released version which should be bug and issue free. If you do find anything I have missed please let me know and I will resolve it.)

You finish work as usual. It starts to rain as you leave to go home. Nothing strange about that. Except today your not going home. Something else is going to happen.

Everything goes black and you find yourself locked in a loft of a house. Unsure of what has happened you now need to escape before you get caught!

You'll need to find the keys in the right order to escape. Avoiding the nasties that roam in the dark.

Escape This House!! is a short adventure game lasting around 20-30 minutes depending on how well you play.

This is a work in progress and will change a fair amount before it is fully released. There may be bugs and glitches (also possibly spelling errors).

If you find any issues please let me know to fix them. abnormalgames@hotmail.com

Full release will be summer 2015.


Game made by abNormal Games

Music from Eric Skiff (http://ericskiff.com/music)

Battle Script by Yanfly

Some art from Liberty


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